real Estate Investment Services

Peak Properties serves investors who are looking to either purchase buildings or to turn properties into assets that bring the return they expect from owning real estate. Peak Properties makes diversifying and improving portfolios of real estate holdings easy for ownership.


One invests in real estate for a variety of reasons.

Portfolio Diversification:

Real estate is less volatile than stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs and other daily-traded asset classes. It also acts as an inflation hedge as rents and property values increase against fixed mortgage payments.

Income and Appreciation:

Real estate investors benefit from a stable income stream, plus they reap gains at refinance and sale.

Tax-Free Cash Flow:

Depreciation and mortgage interest deductions often offset operating income achieving potentially tax-free cash flow.

Successful Investment Strategies:

Peak utilizes a location based, value-add real estate investing strategy that targets distressed or under-utilized properties and re-develops them to meet their full potential.


Peak offers 50 plus years of on-the-ground real estate investment experience to help navigate the due diligence, zoning research, architecture/general contractor selection, construction management, leasing, management and other hurdles that serve as a barrier to entry. We partner with individuals, family offices, and institutions.