Management Team

Adam Keyser
Chief Executive Officer 773-697-5263

Adam is Chief Executive Officer at Peak Properties, where he collaborates daily with the management team to improve operational efficiencies.

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Adam enjoys Chicago, namely for its energy, diversity, cultural offerings and some of the best food in the nation. Outside of the office, Adam enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors, especially on a bicycle.

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Claudia Herlo
Chief Administrative Officer 773-697-5225

Handling business with honesty and respect has always been an essential part of a day’s work for Claudia Herlo. As Peak Properties Office Manager, she is responsible for managing its employees, handling the corporate bookkeeping and oversight of the department, payroll and benefits, business strategy, and management of the office itself. For the last 22 years, her loyalty has helped the company grow from a small team of 5 to nearly 100. She enjoys the challenges of a busy work environment, and strives to keep the company and tenants on the same page regarding policies and procedures. When not keeping Peak’s office running smoothly Claudia enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and cooking delicious meals.

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Cory Eisenstein
Vice President of Scattered-Site Management 773-697-5227

Cory is the Vice President of Scattered-Site Management, where he is responsible for the oversight of the Scattered Site Division, along with all corresponding resident services.

Originally from Northbrook, Cory enjoys Chicago namely for its amazing restaurants and summer months. Outside of the office, Cory enjoys traveling, playing hockey, and is an avid Chicago sports fan.

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Luke Markewych
Vice President of High-Rise Management

Luke is the Vice President of High Rise Management at Peak Properties, where he is responsible for the oversight of Peak's high-rise portfolio. He also oversees mid-rise and market rate clients in and around Chicago.

Luke enjoys Chicago namely for its vibrant and diverse culture. Outside of the office, Luke enjoys spending time with his family.

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Maggie Zach
Chief People Officer 773-697-5254

Maggie Zach is always finding ways to celebrate the tremendous diversity around her and make the most of her people. As the Chief People Officer at Peak Properties, Maggie develops the company’s personnel and culture, creates its policies, procedures, protocols, and oversees its training and development. Proudly, Maggie has witnessed Peak Properties team double in size every few years while remaining a true family oriented and tight knit organization.

Maggie has been with Peak Properties since 2010, and she knows that the secret to success is remaining fluid and organic, always trying to improve and reinvent oneself while staying true to their roots. When not handling the many needs of the business, Maggie enjoys the calm of the suburbs with her friends and family, and focusing on living an active healthy lifestyle.

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Mike Zucker
Managing Partner

Mike Zucker is the Founder and Managing Partner of Peak Properties, a Chicago based real estate management company offering best in class multifamily and commercial property management, investment, and consulting services.

Starting in the basement of a multifamily building on the north side of the city in 1998 under Mike's leadership Peak has been involved in management, development, rehab, and buildout of over 75,000 multifamily units, 5 million square feet of commercial properties and currently manages over $3 Billion of total property values.

Day-to-day, Mike is focused on strategic growth, guidance, mentorship, consulting and loves kicking the bricks of every property meeting residents, vendors, clients, and Peak team members in the field.

Mike earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois where he studied Liberal Arts and Sciences.  

Outside work, Mike enjoys doing everything he can with his wife and 3 children, playing / watching every sport imaginable, meeting new people everywhere / anywhere, and giving back. Mike is dedicated to community service and volunteers his time and resources to many local and national charitable foundations.

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Rebeccah Biser
Chief Financial Officer 773-645-4261

Rebeccah Biser joined Peak Properties as Controller in 2013. In this position, Beccah is responsible for ensuring that all property management activity and financial activity are in line, that all numbers are sent out accurately, and that owners understand their building by building finances. By auditing the accuracy of financial reporting, Beccah helps Peak Properties meet its clients and investors expectations. Driven by efficiency, she works to help keep the company’s operations streamlined and is excited by new challenges and rapidly changing technology. Prior to joining Peak Properties, Beccah worked at Eaton, a fortune 100 company in their financial leadership development program and holds her degree in accounting management from the University of Wisconsin. When not handling the financials of Peak Properties, you can find her catching a Broadway show or yoga class after enjoying brunch at one of Chicago’s many world class restaurants.

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Shane Rachman
Director of Leasing 847-609-1989

Shane is the President of Cross Street, Peak's sister company that handles all-things-leasing. Shane is all about supporting every aspect of the team and helping owners create plans for their real estate assets. Shane's passion for real estate is fueled by the tangible nature of the industry and the profound impact it has on people's everyday lives.

Armed with an engineering degree from the University of Iowa, Shane brings problem-solving skills and a logical, operational mindset to the table. Shane is incredibly invested in every project that Cross Street tackles, and as a true leader, he cares deeply about the success of each and every team member at Cross Street.

Early in his career, Shane discovered his entrepreneurial spirit and a love for inspiring others to do the same. Real estate became the perfect balance of hard work and lifestyle, allowing him to put his family first. In his free time, you'll find Shane playing soccer, walking his dog Taj, and spending quality moments with his wife Erica and three daughters, Sloane, Zoey, and Rafael. Shane can't live without his family, they are the cornerstone of his life.

Shane's greatest strength is his attentive listening. He thrives on the entrepreneurial nature of the real estate business, finding joy in inspiring others to take the plunge. Friends would describe him as someone who rallies the troops, and clients see him as a true partner in their real estate endeavors.

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