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Our Team

Current contact information for all Peak Properties personnel is indexed below. If the individual you’re looking for is not on the list, call 773-281-5252 or email us at [email protected].

Management Team
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Mike Zucker CEO 773-697-5223 [email protected]  
Adam Keyser Operations 773-697-5263 [email protected]  
Brooks Harding Director of Property Management 773-697-5276 [email protected]  
Claudia Herlo Office Manager 773-697-5225 [email protected]  
Maggie Zach HR 773-697-5254 [email protected]  
Rebeccah Biser Controller 773-645-4261 [email protected]  
Shane Rachman Director of Leasing 773-645-4277 [email protected]  
Leasing - Agents
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Miguel Lopez Residential Leasing Manager 773-697-5280 [email protected]  
Oren Pollack Residential Leasing Manager 773-697-5258 [email protected]  
Scott Plotnick Residential Leasing Manager 773-697-5087 [email protected]  
Michael Horwitz Residential Sales Manager 847-899-8098 [email protected]  
Alex Kushen Leasing Agent 224-406-1729 [email protected]  
Alex Morsch Leasing Agent 201-995-3705 [email protected]  
Ari Weil Leasing Agent 224-420-2245 [email protected]  
Charlmers Oscar Leasing Agent 773-697-5230 [email protected]  
David Fields Leasing Agent 773-697-5230 [email protected]  
Ilina Ivanovska Leasing Agent 312-961-3368 [email protected]  
Lisa Pilot-Livingston Leasing Agent 773-610-7187 [email protected]  
Ljiridona (Dona) Redzepi Leasing Agent 312-753-9635 [email protected]  
Natalie Esposito Leasing Agent 312-804-3365 [email protected]  
Leasing - Office Staff
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Marchelle Fuller Leasing Specialist 773-697-5267 [email protected]  
Albertine Uwababyeyi Leasing Coordinator 773-697-5244 [email protected]  
Claris Marin Leasing Coordinator 773-697-5241 [email protected]  
Clemence Mucyo Leasing Coordinator 773-697-5074 [email protected]  
Kleo Karamichos Leasing Coordinator 773-645-4269 [email protected]  
Zorina Vakser Leasing Coordinator 773-697-5248 [email protected]  
Kayla Natoli Marketing Coordinator   [email protected]  
Property Management
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Alan Tipei Property Manager 773-697-5228 [email protected]  
Andy Afshari Property Manager 773-645-4270 [email protected]  
Andy Zoub Property Manager 312-360-1619 [email protected]  
Cory Eisenstein Property Manager 773-697-5227 [email protected]  
David Maeir Property Manager, CMCA, RPA 773-697-5224 [email protected]  
Michael Dolphin Senior Property Manager, CPM 773-697-5245 [email protected]  
Sharron Healy Property Manager 773-697-5242 [email protected]  
William Levinson Property Manager 773-645-4275 [email protected]  
Daniela Suiugan Assistant Property Manager 773-697-5260 [email protected]  
Jonathan Blanco Assistant Property Manager 773-697-5221 [email protected]  
Kent Brickles Assistant Property Manager 773-645-4278 [email protected]  
Kevin Alves Assistant Property Manager 773-645-4266 [email protected]  
Brian Carl Commercial Asset Manager 773-645-4271 [email protected]  
Andreakia Junerick Assistant Property Manager 773-359-8110 [email protected]  
Condo/Association Management
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Amy Wukotich Condominium Property Manager, CPM, CMA, AMS 773-697-5237 [email protected]  
Vernon Rodricks Condominium Property Manager 773-697-5081 [email protected]  
Alfonso Menchaca Condominium Property Manager Assistant 773-697-5257 [email protected]  
Martin Machala Condominium Engineer 773-697-5239 [email protected]  
Paul Pennock Individual Condominium Property Manager 773-697-5278 [email protected]  
Jim Frederick Individual Condominium Assistant Property Manager 773-645-4275 [email protected]  
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Jay Rosen Maintenance Coordinator 773-697-5262 [email protected]  
Emma Cox Maintenance Coordinator 773-250-0447 [email protected]  
Shelby Krarup Maintenance Coordinator 773-645-4276 [email protected]  
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Joshua Smith Assistant to Controller 773-697-5259 [email protected]  
Maggie Herlo Bookkeeper Specialist 773-697-5226 [email protected]  
Alice Knudsen Bookkeeper 773-697-5235 [email protected]  
Anca Danciu Bookkeeper 773-697-5264 [email protected]  
Azelyn Manas Bookkeeper 773-645-4267 [email protected]  
Caryn Cogan Bookkeeper 773-697-5268 [email protected]  
Joanna Fossey Bookkeeper 773-697-5279 [email protected]  
Karine Bucci Bookkeeper 773-697-5249 [email protected]  
Laury Burke Bookkeeper 773-697-5246 [email protected]  
Lita Gedvilas Bookkeeper 773-645-4272 [email protected]  
Raluca Naimer Bookkeeper 773-697-5256 [email protected]  
Raul Lobo Bookkeeper 773-697-5250 [email protected]  
Susan Schultz Bookkeeper 773-359-8111 [email protected]  
Elizabeth Contreras AR Clerk 773-697-5269 [email protected]  
Annette Rodriguez Bookkeeper Assistant 773-697-5051 [email protected]  
Erica Ziolko Bookkeeper Assistant 773-697-5231 [email protected]  
Georgia Robinson Bookkeeper Assistant 773-697-5265 [email protected]  
Sal Sierra Bookkeeper Assistant 773-697-5232 [email protected]  
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Hayley Katz Executive Assistant 773-697-5273 [email protected]  
Derek Van Tassel General Office Clerk   [email protected]  
Brad Hale Administrative Assistant   [email protected]  
Joe Daly Administrative Assistant 773-697-5247 [email protected]  
Saturnino Jimenez IT Coordinator 773-697-5222 [email protected]  
Victor Borrego Runner   [email protected]  
Yvette Al-Anaswah Receptionist 773-697-5277 [email protected]  
Lydia Fitting HR Assistant 773-697-5254 [email protected]  
Name Position Phone Email Address  
Oscar Luna Jr. Collections Specialist 773-645-4264 [email protected]  
Alice Tuza Collections Coordinator 312-822-1037 x115 [email protected]  
Efren Castaneda Collections Coordinator 773-697-5266 [email protected]  
Leticia Diaz Collections Coordinator 773-697-5236 [email protected]  
Irma Contreras Collections Administrative Assistant 773-697-5038 [email protected]